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flow through you.

Experts say: the key 🔑 to learning a language is getting exposed to it. Let us introduce you to the most engaging way to get exposed to a language.

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The key to learning a language
is to expose yourself to it

Studying grammar and vocabulary is a great start but not enough; there's a moment when you don't progress.

If you really want to learn a language, you need to consume it as much as possible.

We don't say, it's the experts!

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Advance in 3 simple steps



Get exposed to the language with our catalogue of thousands of subtitled videos

Divulgation videos, travel, science, music...It feels like leisure but it's not: you're actively learning a language!



Click the subtitles to consult the vocabulary you don't understand

Imagine watching a video with subtitles and checking the words you don't understand in real time. Stop imagining, it's real!



Play with our challenges that will make the experience even more engaging.

Strengthen the learning of new vocabulary by practicing the words you've been exposed to with our quick 30s challenges.


“I’ve only watched one video so far and I’m already obsessed!
This app is amazing!”

“This is incredible. So smooth and easy to use.”

“Oh wow, love the name!”

Let's learn together!
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