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Linguaso is an app that is aimed at language learners and lovers that feel blocked in their paths to being fluent in a language.

The still prevalent academical learning methodologies tend to ignore the main key to learn a language: to be exposed to it. As much as possible.

How to get exposed to a language? πŸ‘€

There are many ways to getting exposed to a language and we're fans of all of them. From traveling to a country where the language is spoken, to reading books and news, listening to podcasts, watching Netflix films and of course, watching YouTube videos.

Getting exposed to a language is not enough, you need to understand at least part of it in order to keep learning and stay motivated. This is what the experts call: comprehensible input.

Krashen, VanPatten, Lightbrown and Spada and many other experts have proved for years that the pillar for language acquisition is comprehensible input.

The app for comprehensible input lovers ❀️

It's not easy to find content that is aimed at your level and that feels entertaining enough to keep you engaged.

With our selection of videos and their categorization, plus the use of the subtitles and the real-time dictionary, you'll understand most of the content and feel yourself immersed into the language, boosting your learning! πŸš€

And the more videos you watch, the more you'll advance in your language learning path.

As for today, we have

+10,000 videos πŸ“Ί

waiting for you to be consumed.

We're afraid that Linguaso is not ready yet for landscape mode. It'll be soon!
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